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Tips on How to Find Construction Jobs

The construction industry is one of the most crucial sectors of any nation. It makes a significant contribution to the economic growth of a country. Every piece of real estate or infrastructure constructed impacts society. Aside from its impact on the economy, it also influences human development. The physical spaces bring people together. It [...]


Does Your Business Need an HR Manager?

ROLE FEATURE - HR MANAGER The role of HR managers in a business is constantly evolving. With the changing landscape of technology and the workforce, it is more important than ever for HR professionals to be equipped with the right skills to manage employee programs, recruit top talent, and ensure that their company remains [...]

Women in Construction

In celebration of Women’s Month this March, let’s take some time to recognize the different roles that women take in the construction industry. According to Institute for Women’s Policy Research Fact Sheet published in March 2019, the number of women working in the construction industry increased by 17.6%, between 2017 and 2018.   The construction [...]

GREEN BUILDING: Sustainability for the Environment and the Workforce

What is Green Building?  According to the World Green Building Council, it is a building designed to reduce its negative impact on the environment. Effective use of energy, water, resources, reduction in pollution and wastes, and enabling the reuse and recycling of resources such as solar power are among the main objectives in conceptualizing [...]

Seattle Growth Trends

The recent energetic construction activity in Seattle is likely to continue, reports the Seattle Times Seattle Construction Boom relying on a report recently released by the Downtown Seattle Association. There are 66 projects underway from SLU to SODO, of various kinds, but mostly apartments. Despite what some have called a "glut" of rental properties [...]

Construction Salary Data – Seattle Metro

As recruiters with a focus in the Seattle Metro Construction Industry, we have been busy! We at NW Recruiting Partners recently put together some simple salary data for one of our clients. Many people in the industry took new roles in 2017-2018. If you were one of them, perhaps this information will help you understand [...]

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