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Does Your Business Need an HR Manager?

ROLE FEATURE - HR MANAGER The role of HR managers in a business is constantly evolving. With the changing landscape of technology and the workforce, it is more important than ever for HR professionals to be equipped with the right skills to manage employee programs, recruit top talent, and ensure that their company remains [...]

Does Your Business Need an Accountant?

ROLE FEATURE: Accountants If you're like most business owners, you probably think of accountants as the people who help you file your taxes. And while that's certainly one of their many responsibilities, certified public accountants (CPAs) provide much more value to businesses than just preparing tax returns. In fact, CPAs can play a critical [...]

Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

– A spotlight on the people who stay and do the work and a quick look back on the factors of the Great Resignation. This new normal has brought several new schools of thought, ideas, protocols, and so many more.  For leaders and organizations, the rise of the ear of the Great Resignation has [...]

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