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Workplace Trends of 2023 to Consider When Looking at Staffing Plans

The workplace is always evolving and adapting to the current times. Rolling into 2023, there are key trends that companies need to consider when it comes to staffing and talent management plans. From hiring from nontraditional sources like gig workers and remote employees, to focusing on employee wellness, here are the five biggest workplace [...]

Women in Construction

In celebration of Women’s Month this March, let’s take some time to recognize the different roles that women take in the construction industry. According to Institute for Women’s Policy Research Fact Sheet published in March 2019, the number of women working in the construction industry increased by 17.6%, between 2017 and 2018.   The construction [...]

How to Attract Employees to Your Company in the Midst of the “Great Resignation”

  If you have been reading the news, you’ve likely read about the “Great Resignation,” aka the phenomenon that’s happening in today’s workforce as a reflection of our Global Pandemic. COVID-19 has given people the time and space to reflect on what they really want and need in a job, benefitting some companies greatly while [...]

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