2022 Hiring and Recruitment Trends to Keep in Mind

The second half of 2022 is upon us and times have changed as the world is recovering from the long stretch of lockdowns. So what’s in store for different companies until the end of this year? What changes in recruitment should we expect to happen?  Let’s discuss the Top 3 Trends in recruitment and [...]


Your Future Employer is on LinkedIn, Looking for Candidates

How to impress recruiters and employers on LinkedIn Did you know that about 95% of recruiters, employers, and headhunters are on LinkedIn searching for the right candidate? If you are actively or passively looking for new opportunities, check out this blog and follow these 4 easy steps to get noticed!   Make the right [...]


Why Not Now?

Facts about procrastination and tips on how to stop it!  Did you know that based on studies, 80% to 95% of college students in the United States procrastinate to some degree? 50% of these students say that they procrastinate in a consistent and problematic way. In another survey, 15% to 20% of adults chronically [...]


Elevate Your Virtual Presence in Your Next Job Interview

Working remotely is here to stay and this means we will be interviewing virtually as well.  Many people are looking at new opportunities and will be interviewing for the first time online.  If you are going to be interviewed, here are some tips and best practices to ensure you are presenting well and ahead [...]


GREEN BUILDING: Sustainability for the Environment and the Workforce

What is Green Building?  According to the World Green Building Council, it is a building designed to reduce its negative impact on the environment. Effective use of energy, water, resources, reduction in pollution and wastes, and enabling the reuse and recycling of resources such as solar power are among the main objectives in conceptualizing [...]

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