What does a Construction Executive do?

A Construction Executive is responsible for the overall construction function of a company. They will supervise project teams, manage budgets and adherence to deadlines, communicate with clients and stakeholders, as well as develop relationships with vendors and partner businesses.

The Construction Executive will perform more of a construction manager function, supervising projects and also lead teams that are working directly at a project site. The executive may communicate with clients and vendors on a regular basis to ensure that all aspects of a project meet the expectations of the client, necessary in fulfilling the contract.

Construction Executive Responsibilities

  • Plans and oversees all aspects of the construction function

  • Assist in all levels of the project, including project execution, project planning, project financials, preconstruction, and health and safety planning.
  • Ensures timely delivery of all projects, within the agreed budget, and following the pre-established specifications.
  • Develop strategies that support the company’s growth to acquire new clients.
  • Collaborates with multiple ranks across the construction function to assure that strategies are implemented well.

Construction Executive Qualifications

  • Complete understanding of the construction process, including cost control, scheduling, safety regulations, and engineering is required.

  • Knowledge of contract risk management, as well as client-contract requirements and sub contractor requirements.
  • Experience working with local municipalities, inspectors, utility providers and officials.
  • Ability to read and understand Construction Documents such as blue prints, scopes of work, schedules, specifications, safety manuals etc.
  • Familiarity with Change Orders, Purchase Orders, Variance Purchase Orders.
  • Fundamental knowledge of labor laws and regulatory compliance
  • Experience with basic MS Office Suite, email, and internet, and proficiency using scheduling and project management software.

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