What does a Construction Safety Manager do?

The role of a Safety Manager in construction is to provide the most important support service for construction personnel—safety. The goal of Construction Safety Management is to help construction personnel to carry on with their tasks safely. To do so, Construction Safety Managers conduct site inspections, assess different work conditions, adhere to the health and safety protocols imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and identify possible work-related safety issues and risks on projects, with the purpose of designing appropriate solutions to prevent issues from arising.

The Construction Safety Manager ensures that the whole construction workforce is in a safe environment by continuously implementing, evaluating, and monitoring health and safety protocols. They also develop and implement a Construction Safety Management system, strategies to control risks in the workplace and assure that the company complies with workplace safety regulations.

Construction Safety Manager Responsibilities

  • Develop and ensure safe equipment operating techniques.
  • Plan, lead, and participate in job site safety meetings.
  • Review and update monthly, all site-specific safety plans with the project teams.
  • Follow up with subcontractor representatives to ensure proper disciplinary procedures.
  • Implement, inspect, and maintain job site and office manuals. Train employees in various safety procedures according to the construction safety management plan.
  • Conduct periodic safety inspections on all job sites to ensure safety procedures are in place.
  • Record and compile data, update logs, monitor equipment, and schedule maintenance.
  • Update and maintain the company’s contingency and recovery plan.
  • Perform and oversee the investigation of accidents, injuries, and unsafe working conditions including interfacing with workers’ compensation claims.
  • Communicate with injured workers and plan return to work strategies.

Construction Safety Manager Qualifications

  • 4+ years experience in construction safety and health program management.
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred. 
  • Knowledge of OSHA, local safety laws, and other regulatory agencies.
  • Sound/ethical judgment, strong leadership skills, and ability to work independently. 
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite. 
  • CPR/First Aid Certified.
  • Experience working on commercial or civil construction projects. 

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