What does a Director of Strategy do?

A Director of Strategy leads the development and implementation of strategic initiatives to drive business growth and innovation. They cross-collaborate with other department leaders to ensure team alignment with the company’s mission and determine strategic priorities.

A Director of Strategy is a key player in shaping a company’s direction and long-term success and are highly valuable leaders during periods of uncertainty and change in the marketplace.

Director of Strategy Responsibilities

  • Lead the development of long-term organizational strategic initiatives.
  • Analyze company and competitor performance, overall market dynamics, and industry trends to assess opportunities, threats, and room for growth.
  • Know the firm’s customers, inside and out, assessing their needs, preferences, and behaviors, to craft actionable insights that drive future decisions.
  • Perform financial analyses to deeply understand the implications of strategic financial investments and initiatives.
  • Collaborate with department leaders to prioritize strategic initiatives, fostering open communication, alignment, and accountability.
  • Develop metrics and KPIs to track the progress of strategic initiatives and assess their impact on the business.

Director of Strategy Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, or a related field. An MBA is preferred.
  • At least six years of progressive leadership experience in a corporate strategy or management consulting firm environment.
  • Excellent understanding of business operations and procedures.
  • Strong organizational, planning, and presentation skills.
  • Outstanding research skills with the ability to translate data and insights into actionable strategies.

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