The interview process is something everyone experiences at some point in their life. Many universities include it in their recruitment process. Every adult will go through this as they embark on their career.

Interviews are nerve-wracking. It’s akin to an audition. You’re placed in the spotlight and expected to talk about yourself. You’re meeting total strangers who are in positions of authority. They’re going to judge your looks, personality, and abilities. It’s no wonder people suffer from interview anxiety.

Despite how you feel about it, you need to nail the job interview. You have to make a good impression during the process. One study showed that you only have 27 seconds to make a positive impression. You can do this by smiling and making eye contact. Being polite and well-spoken also helps. But there are other things you can do to get the interviewer’s attention. Consider these tips on how to do well in an interview.

Know the Job Description by Heart

Yes, you do know the job description since you applied for the position. But it’s good practice to review it again before the interview. The act can prepare you for the questions the interview could ask. You can even work on talking points on the tasks you’ll be doing. Think about how you can frame your responses so they will dovetail into what the employer wants.

Work on Making a Positive First Impression

You have to make the most of the first few minutes after the interviewer meets you. Don’t underestimate non-verbal cues. Smile in a confident manner. Make eye contact. Shake their hands with a firm grip. Those actions can make a difference.

Punctuality is also a must. Make sure you arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Choose your outfit with care. You should try to match it with the company. Check the company’s social media and website to get an idea about its culture.

Be a Good Listener

It might not look like it but listening is a key part of the recruiting process. Focusing on what the hiring manager is saying shows your interest in the company. It also highlights your professionalism and your communication skills.

The interviewer will give you important information, but it can be in an indirect manner. You might miss it if you don’t listen well. Listening with a purpose will help you remember the interviewer’s questions. You’ll also understand the context better. You can then give a good response based on your skills and experience.

Answer Their Questions

You can expect interviewers to ask you to give an example of something you did. They might also ask how you would handle a certain situation. These are behavioral interview questions. They’re designed to prompt you to show your behavior, whether it’s past or future.

These questions are a key part of the applicant assessment. Make sure you give a proper example. It’s a chance to talk about your abilities.

Be Careful with the Truth

You should never lie or exaggerate during the interview process. Employers take a dim view of applicants lying. Make sure the information you provide in your resume is accurate. If you’re nervous, admit it. Don’t become ashamed of your inexperience. Admit it but don’t apologize for it. You should focus on your skills and willingness to learn instead.

You have to be discerning with your answers though. You can be honest when talking about your previous job or employer. But frame your answer in a way that reflects a positive attitude. Never badmouth an employer, business, or teacher. Loyalty is a trait every employer looks for in a prospective hire.

Say Yes to Questions

Say yes when the interviewer asks if you have questions. You should be ready with your own set of questions. It shows an interest in the company. You’ll also get more insight into the posting and the company. This can help you decide if it’s the best option for you.

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