The US has been struggling with a labor shortage for several years now. The pandemic saw people quitting their jobs. The Great Resignation, as it’s called, was due to various reasons. Many workers were reportedly dissatisfied with their work environment or their company. A large number also wanted a better work-life balance.

The Great Resignation is over though. But companies are still struggling to find good workers. There are various reasons for this, like decreased immigration. The participation rate for the labor force has also gone down. Meanwhile, there’s a big demand for workers.

Companies must find a pool of jobseekers. This will make the hiring process go faster. HR won’t spend a long time searching for new hires. An extensive job search will also raise awareness of the job openings you have. This could result in more interested applicants. It also increases the odds that you find the best candidate for the job.

The good news is there are many ways to go about this. Here are some tips on how to find people looking for jobs:

Say You’re Hiring

Old school is still the best way to go. Putting up a “Now Hiring” sign in your store is a simple and effective way to find job hunters. Visitors to your store can find out about the job opportunities. If they’re not interested, they can always refer your company to someone else. This strategy isn’t limited to retail. You can do the same in your office. Placing a sign on a window or wall facing the public can do wonders.

Team Up with Professional Recruiters

You can’t go wrong by teaming up with a reliable recruitment company. These professionals specialize in pairing the best job applicants with an open position. Recruiters are a valuable asset as they can provide you with an opinion about who to hire. They have a line to the most qualified workers. They can recommend someone who’s a good fit for the job. This will boost your chances of finding someone who will be an asset to your company.

Retool Your Website

Jobseekers today are using the internet to look for better career opportunities. Many of these professionals research the companies they’re interested in working at. They also check if their dream company has a job opening.

That’s why retooling your company website should be on your agenda. Make sure you add a careers page. You can post any job opportunities your company is offering. This will also allow your company to put a detailed job description and requirements. You can also include vital information about your company. For example, share its vision and policies.

Make Your Presence Felt on Social Media

Social media is the best and fastest way to get information across. That’s why you should leverage the various platforms to find job applicants. Your company should have an established social media presence in the first place. Use that to post and share job openings in your company. It will help people who are already following your company. Who knows, they might be the type who will thrive in your company culture. There’s also a good chance they will share your post with the people who follow them or are on their friends list.

Narrow Down Your Focus

How and where you share information about your company’s job openings is important. It makes sense to post on many job sites and social media platforms. But if you want to target job hunters with a specific skill set, then you should narrow the focus of your search. You can do this by making strategic postings. For example, list any openings in specialized job portals. Platforms like LinkedIn can also help you find people of a certain expertise.

Team Up with the Premier Recruitment Firm

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