Job descriptions give a clear definition of what a role is all about. It details who performs a specific type of work, how that work is to be completed, and the frequency and the purpose of the work as it relates to the organization’s mission and goals. It is written in simple and direct language that explains the duties, responsibilities, functions, and qualifications of a position.

This is especially useful in the career planning of an organization. Internally, employees may use this as a reference for how they should be performing their roles to support the company’s goals. Externally, this provides a direction to potential candidates if the role fits their skillset.

But what’s in a Job Description? In this blog, we will learn about the elements that are essential in creating a job description that reflects the needs of a role to be successful which is vital in all startup companies.

Job Title | Nw Recruiting Partners Job Title

Accuracy is key in this first part as this will dictate the job’s main function. Maintain the focus on the importance of the role to the organization. Avoid using jargons. Job titles should be inclusive and reflect the industry’s standards as well as the organization’s culture.


Responsibilities | Nw Recruiting Partners Responsibilities

Make sure that your team has performed a job analysis to clearly identify the skills and competencies of the role. This will coincide with the organization’s processes as this part should indicate the different processes that the role is expected to perform. Keep the responsibilities concise that paints the picture of the day-to-day of the job.


Performance Goals | Nw Recruiting Partners Performance Goals

Be specific on what you want to be delivered. When these expectations are laid out, employees and candidates will have a clear mindset on what should be achieved.



Company Information | Nw Recruiting Partners Company Information

Make sure to share about the organization – the mission and vision, culture, industry it belongs to, etc. Be clear in explaining where this role fits the company. Most applicants get excited when they see what they can contribute to the role and the success of the startup company. Corporate culture plays a large part as this attracts people to your company.

Most importantly, be brief. Other company information can be shared through the website in which case a link can be shared as a call to action.


Compensation | Nw Recruiting Partners


Salary, compensation, and benefits are the top qualifiers for employees to stay in their roles and for candidates to apply to the role. The value can be monetary and in the form of vacation credits, medical and dental, bonuses, etc., and when advertised properly will give an idea to the employees and candidates of what’s in it for them. Be realistic and only promise the ones that can be actually given.

And at the end of the JD, make sure that the contents are proofread and it is formatted in a way that is readable and presentable.  Keep in mind that the Job Descriptions are effective as possible as this will be in the organization’s documents and will ensure that a role will be performed to its full potential.


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