Nw Recruiting Partners Ranked Among Top Women-Owned Businesses In Puget Sound Business Journal'S List

NW Recruiting Partners Ranked Among Top Women-Owned Businesses in Puget Sound Business Journal’s List

We are thrilled to announce that NW Recruiting Partners has been named one of the top women-owned businesses by the prestigious Puget Sound Business Journal. We come in at an impressive rank of 59, alongside other remarkable Washington-based women-owned businesses recognized for exceptional revenue achievements.

We are truly honored to be featured on this list, which underscores our commitment to delivering outstanding recruitment services and highlights the success of women-owned businesses in our community.

About Our Firm

NW Recruiting Partners is a boutique recruiting firm based in Washington state. Our mission is simple: to match talented job candidates with positions where they can truly thrive. We take great care in considering various factors such as work culture, role expectations, and the unique dynamics between job requirements and candidate expertise.

Our dedicated team at NW Recruiting Partners is passionate about forging lasting and successful business relationships, and we’re known for our ability to identify the best fit for both candidates and positions.

Our remarkable all-women team is spearheaded by Lacey Clark as our principal. Alongside Lacey, we have Lisa Glenn, our Director of Recruiting and Angela Pasquale as our Director of Business Development. Additionally, our team of recruiters comprises talented women who bring exceptional expertise and experience in recruiting. Together, we are proud to show the capabilities and impact that women can make in the business world.

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About Puget Sound Business Journal

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As One Of the Top Women-Owned Business in Washington

We are incredibly grateful and honored to be featured among the top women-owned businesses in Washington by the Puget Sound Business Journal. This recognition motivates us to continually deliver exceptional services and serve as a testament to the immense potential and success of women-owned businesses. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to offering the best in recruitment services, fostering valuable connections, and contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of our clients and our community.

NW Recruiting Partners Ranked Among Top Women-Owned Businesses in Puget Sound Business Journal’s List