What does a Project Accountant do?

A Project Accountant oversees and calculates all finances involved in a project. They assist in planning the construction project budget, conduct cost analyses, and review purchase orders, invoices, and supplier contracts. They ensure that all estimated construction costs are tracked and managed.

A Project Accountant is responsible for managing the outstanding accounts of a construction project. To do this, they should be able to create detailed cost reports, oversee supplier contracts, ensure invoices are logged and updated, and manage accounts receivables.

Project Accountant Responsibilities

  • Assist in setting up and maintaining the project accounting files.
  • Verify the projects that need to be billed and coordinate accurate and timely billing with the Project Manager, according to contract requirements.
  • Communicate with Project Managers and track payments for subcontractors.
  • Review, route, and post subcontractor pay applications.
  • Assist in general accounting/administration.
  • Provide subcontract support including:
    • Communication with subcontractors and vendors regarding invoices.
    • Pulling monthly substantiation reports.
    • Job cost transfers.
    • Assist with payroll.
    • Subcontractor payable administration.

Project Accountant Qualifications

  • 1+ years of accounting experience in the construction, architecture, or engineering industries.
  • Must be comfortable compiling numbers.
  • Job cost entry experience preferred.
  • Attention to detail, strong time management skill, with the ability to work well on a team.

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