Real estate in Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest, experiences rapid and record growth year after year. With growth comes opportunity and the need to hire an abundance of varied positions in the real estate field. Sifting through resumes and proactively reaching out to your network in an effort to attract great talent can be a time-consuming challenge. That is where partnering with an experienced real estate recruiter like NW Recruiting Partners can be an asset to your business and its continued growth.

The Value of a Real Estate Recruiter

At NW Recruiting Partners, we have the time, experience and expertise that can make all the difference to your hiring process. Whether you are seeking property managers, looking to add an asset manager to your team, recruiting a new Development Manager or filling any number of real estate related positions, our expertise can help your team succeed.

We Know the Lay of the Land

It is often said that the three most important things in real estate are “location, location, location.” In the case of real estate recruiters, that saying can be amended to “experience, experience, experience.” Our years in the industry have given us the knowledge to understand what candidates in real estate positions are looking for as well as what motivates them. We are able to use that knowledge and experience to match highly qualified candidates with the positions our clients need to fill. We are committed to your success and will be with you throughout your talent search.

Some examples of the roles we fill:

  • Commercial Property Managers
  • Multi-Family Property Managers
  • Acquisition Managers
  • Building Engineers
  • Asset Managers
  • Real Estate Acquisition
  • Regional Portfolio Managers
  • Development Project Manager 
  • Commercial Real Estate Developer

Experts in the Real Estate Recruiting Process

Our in-depth knowledge gives us an advantage in this fast-paced and ever-growing area of the job market. Our real estate recruiters take great pride in managing all phases of the talent search. We believe that focused listening and clear communication are key to managing expectations for employer and prospective employees. By the time you’ve made an offer to your new real estate employee, all the players are on the same page and the hiring process is smooth for everyone involved.

Are you ready to hire great talent in the real estate field?