The construction industry is one of the most crucial sectors of any nation. It makes a significant contribution to the economic growth of a country. Every piece of real estate or infrastructure constructed impacts society.

Aside from its impact on the economy, it also influences human development. The physical spaces bring people together. It also protects and nurtures them. The construction industry also serves as a vital link to other industries. For instance, it helps the steel industry and companies connected to processed materials.

It’s no wonder that construction is a booming niche. It has been for a while now. The global construction market will reportedly reach $8 trillion by 2030. There’s also a distinct lack of skilled labor. So those with experience and the right training will have an edge.

The challenge now is finding the right job with the right company. There are different types of construction jobs available. Most of them pay well too. A cost estimator can make as much as $86,999 a year. A construction superintendent has an annual salary range of $60,000 to $89,500. If you have the skills and training, this post will tell you how to find construction jobs.

Look for Opportunities Online

Ask any expert on how to find construction jobs and they’ll tell you to go online. These job board websites are very helpful. They can show you a vast number of construction jobs in Seattle and around the country.

There are dozens of websites that can help you find work. You can go with the usual job sites, like ZipRecruiter. LinkedIn is also another site you can try your hand in. You can also narrow the search by going to job portals that are only focused on construction work.

The sheer number of construction recruiting happening on these sites can be overwhelming. But there are many advantages to using these sites. For one, it’s very convenient. You don’t have to leave your home. You can also apply to many construction jobs using one account. Another advantage is you can narrow down your search.

Most online job sites favor customization. You can narrow down your options by searching for specific criteria. For example, you can put in parameters like location and salary range. You can also look for jobs that need a specific skill set. For example, you can search job listings for a project accountant.

You might need to wait if you use an online job portal though. It will take the company days or weeks to go through all the applications they receive. That’s why you must apply for a lot of jobs if you’re going the online route.

Head to the Source

You can also cut through the middleman and go straight to the source. You can do an online search for good construction companies near you. Then head to their website and check if there are open construction jobs.

Many Seattle construction companies post current job openings on their websites. So doing a bit of research to see if they have an opening is a good move. There’s also nothing wrong with calling the company and asking about any open jobs. It’s proactive and there’s a good chance they’ll appreciate your boldness. There is a labor shortage in this industry after all.

There’s a downside to this approach though. It’s time-consuming and labor-intensive. You’ll be spending time calling construction firms. This could eat up time you can spend honing your skills. It’s also not easy to put yourself out there and ask for a job.

Work with a Reliable Recruiting Firm

One of the fastest and surest ways to find construction jobs in Seattle is to work with a recruiting firm. These companies will provide you with the right kind of help. They’ll also ensure that you land a job that’s a match to your skillset and experience.

A trusted construction staffing agency has a direct line to construction companies. They know which ones have job openings. Many companies also come to them for help. These agencies have an extensive network of connections. It’s what makes them a great resource during your job search.

Delivering Top Talent at Your Doorstep

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