The job of an office administrator is crucial, yet it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. The administrator is the backbone of a company. Some even liken it to the heart. While every organ is important, everything will fall apart without the heart.

The same goes for any office. Most organizations can’t function without their’ admin staff. Notice how some processes in your office slow down? This happens when someone in the admin department is out for a few days.

So what does an admin do? This post will shed some light on what the job entails and its importance.

What Does an Admin Do?

An administrator is an individual who does a crucial function for an organization. They organize the company’s operations and workflow. They improve vital functions. Their mere presence helps an organization meet its goals.

An admin handles a variety of tasks. They help set goals and develop short- and long-term strategies. They can direct operations and delegate tasks. They can make decisions to push the organization’s agenda further. In short, they make sure the office runs like a well-oiled machine.

Various jobs fall under office administration. An administration manager and an office manager are under the admin umbrella. So are the secretary, executive assistant, and audit executive.

Why are They Essential to a Company?

An administrator often works behind the scenes. It’s why their contributions are often overlooked. But there’s no denying how indispensable they are. Here’s why:

  • They spearhead organizational efficiency.  An administrator oversees everything. They organize files and set up appointments. They maintain the filing systems and manage databases. They also make sure that the company has all the supplies they need. They aim to ensure all procedures are clear and followed to the letter. This results in an efficient and effective system.
  • They’re the main contact point. Administrators also act as the primary contact point. Clients, stakeholders, and suppliers touch base with them first. Admins also handle all the incoming emails and calls. They can also manage the company’s engagements on social media. These individuals make sure communication goes off without a hitch. They also ensure everyone in the company is aware of important information.
  • They oversee critical financial tasks. Administrators are adept at processing payroll and invoices. They track company expenses and can prepare budget reports. They’re tasked with ensuring that every financial transaction is transparent. They also take steps to ensure accountability. This is vital to keeping the company on budget.
  • They support the Human Resources Department. Administration staff can also handle various HR tasks. They can assist with recruitment and help with onboarding new workers. They also coordinate training programs to maintain or improve employee skills.
  • They help manage a crisis. The administrator is the vanguard when there’s a crisis. For example, there’s a scheduling conflict with a client. The admin will troubleshoot and find a solution to the problem.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Administration work is important. It also offers financial stability. The average base salary of an office administrator is over $75,000 a year. Your level of education and experience will determine whether you get more.

Administration jobs need a high school diploma or its equal. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree or a Master’s for high-level admin work. For example, Database Administrators need specific certifications. An Education Administrator has a bachelor’s or master’s degree. But they can work in business, marketing, and communications.

An admin also needs several key skills and qualities to succeed.

  • Great Organizational Skills: You must be adept at multi-tasking and managing your time. Administrators work in fast-paced environments. They must make sure they and their members are always organized.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: You’re responsible for managing people. You need to communicate well so there’s no confusion about their tasks.
  • Detail-Oriented: The best administrators have a keen eye for detail. This is a must since you’re responsible for managing many moving parts. You need to know the when, why, what, and how. You must be adept at spotting problems and mistakes before it even happens.

One Last Thing

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