Are you planning on changing careers but don’t know what path to take? You should consider becoming a CPA.

Accounting is a good major to consider in university. Or even as another degree. The Bureau of Labor projected an eight percent growth in finance jobs in the next decade. Many of these high-paying professions need an accounting background. One such profession is a CPA.

What is a CPA?

CPA stands for certified public accountant. It’s a title given to accountants who’ve obtained a license. To do this, they must have taken and passed the Uniform CPA Exam. Each state has a Board of Accountancy that provides the license.

Being an accountant doesn’t mean you’re a CPA. This credential is hard-earned. It requires knowledge and skill. It also needs a fair amount of dedication.

To become a CPA, you must first have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. A BA in business administration is also acceptable. Individuals who dream of becoming CPAs must finish 150 hours of public accounting. They must also work for about two years in accounting. They should then take and pass the CPA exam.

What Skills Do Successful CPAs Have?

There’s an impressive array of accounting jobs available to CPAs. They can work in public or corporate accounting. There are also a lot of openings in government for accountants. CPAs can also become chief financial officers (CFOs) or controllers. They can also specialize in auditing, forensic accounting, or bookkeeping. They can also do accounting for construction or manufacturing firms.

You need a certain skill set if you want to make your mark in this career. Employers often look for the following in their CPA:

· Relevant Tax Knowledge

A good CPA is up-to-date with the country’s tax policies. It’s not an easy task as tax mandates are always changing. They can take continuing professional education (CPE) courses. These subjects focus on federal and state taxation.

· Keen Business Sense

Having keen business acumen is a must for every CPA. The more you advance in this profession, the more you’ll deal with upper management. They’ll ask you for advice. You’ll become tasked to generate company-wide reports. Your perspective on the big-picture will become invaluable. It’s why you should know how the different departments operate. You should also be aware of how each group interacts.

· Up-to-Date Technical Skills

The most successful CPAs are those who know their way around accounting software. They’re also adept at managing their company’s systems. One skill you should develop and become good at is Excel. The app is the program that keeps finances together. It’s the backbone of every accounting and finance department. You should also be knowledgeable in using QuickBooks and SQL. It’s also ideal if you know how to use business intelligence software and ERP systems.

Savvy CPAs know they must future-proof their career. This is critical as the accounting field is now inundated with new technology. It’s best practice to brush up on machine learning and advanced analytics. You should also study robotic process automation (RPA). These will soon become embedded in the profession.

· Training in Auditing

It’s a given that CPAs are also accomplished in auditing. They can’t pass the CPA exam if they’re not good at this. You’ll need extra training in this field if you want to help companies assess their performance. It will also give you the knowledge to help develop critical methods to bolster the company’s system.

Internal auditing is also a career that you should consider. It’s lucrative and rewarding. It’s a job that has evolved over the past few years. Many businesses are hiring internal auditors to guide them into becoming more efficient. Internal auditors also check IT systems and business procedures. They can also help manage risk and more.

· High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is essential to succeed as a CPA. This refers to your capability to empathize and engage with others. These soft skills are what many business leaders look for in their employees.

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