Are you looking for a challenging but exciting career? Do you have a keen eye for details? If you said yes, then an accounting job might be perfect for you.

People often look at accounting as boring. Some even think it’s a dead-end job where only math wizards thrive. That’s not true. There’s more to the job than doing taxes. Accounting covers the entire process of merging financial information. This makes it easier for stakeholders to understand a company’s financial standing.

Accountants are all trained to do various tasks. They prepare financial statements and payroll records. They draft and collect invoices. They ensure a company complies with federal regulations. They help with estate planning and can manage wealth. They’re also skilled at developing financial strategies.

You can also meet many interesting people in this career. You also have to be on your toes as the job makes use of the latest technology.

What kind of accounting jobs are there? There are dozens of accounting jobs that go beyond preparing taxes. Here are some you should consider.

Cost Estimator

A cost estimator is an accountant trained to calculate the cost of an organization’s project. They collect and analyze data to estimate materials and labor. They also estimate the cost and timeframe for a project.

Cost estimators work in various industries. A third of the 216,270 thousand cost estimators in the US work in accounting for construction. A large percentage work in manufacturing. They can also work in telecommunications, R&D, and healthcare.

You need a bachelor’s degree to work in an entry-level cost estimator job. Most cost estimators have an accounting degree. Some also major in finance, math, or statistics. An engineering background can be helpful if you’re focused on construction. This job has an average annual salary of $64,810.

Financial Manager

A financial manager is one of the highest-paid accounting jobs. They take on a host of specialized tasks. They create financial plans and strategies. They also direct investment activities. A financial manager also writes reports for a company’s long-term financial goals.

A financial manager’s duties also vary based on the organization or industry they’re working in. Finance managers in the healthcare industry must be knowledgeable in healthcare finance. Government financial managers must be experts in federal appropriations and budgeting processes. Financial managers must have a thorough understanding of tax laws. They must know the regulations affecting their clients’ industries. Financial managers earn an average annual salary of $139,790.

Investment Accountant

The more business-savvy individuals can opt to become investment accountants. This is an accounting job found in asset management and brokerage companies. You must have a broad knowledge of stocks and bonds. You must also be familiar with other investment vehicles. For example, currencies and precious metals.

An investment accountant’s main responsibility is to maintain their clients’ investments. They must also ensure they’re following state regulations. They also help develop their client’s financial strategy.

You need to have a degree in accounting, business, or economics. Many investment accountants also have CPA credentials. They have an average annual salary of $66,540.

Real Estate Appraiser and Assessor

People are often surprised to find that there’s also accounting for real estate. A real estate appraiser and assessor estimates the value of a property. This happens before developing or selling land or property.

A real estate appraiser determines the value of a property for lenders. The bank needs their assessment before loan approval. Their assessment also helps buyers decide if they should invest. An assessor estimates the property values of many houses in the neighborhood. The city uses this assessment to decide how much property taxes residents should pay.

You need a bachelor’s degree to become a real estate appraiser and assessor. Most states also need these individuals to hold licenses. Every state has different requirements but you’ll need to pass a standardized exam. You’ll also need some professional experience. You can gain the latter via on-the-job training. Data shows that a licensed real estate appraiser earns an average of $79,000 a year.

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