Streamlined Recruitment Process For Employers

We value our clients and strive to meet their hiring needs by listening closely and communicating clearly (and often!). Our consultative approach to the recruitment process means that we truly get to know employers and understand their exact hiring needs. We have a depth of knowledge in the industries in which we recruit that gives us an inside advantage when it comes to recruitment and selection.

Our recruiting process has a track record of success working with clients across industries and fields. Our placements result in a low candidate drop-off rate even in an extremely competitive market. The majority of our clients are repeat clients, which reflects a high level of satisfaction with our candidates and overall recruitment and selection process experience.

Our Thorough Recruiting Process in Looking For Top Talent

We do the heavy lifting so you can get to know the candidates and choose the perfect match. Our recruitment process steps are as follows:


To ensure we find the best candidates for your business in the competitive job market, our recruitment process begins with a thorough analysis of your position specifications, allowing us to effectively sell your company and opportunity to potential candidates.


From that meeting, we plan and craft a strategic recruiting process identifying the most effective means of sourcing target candidates. This recruitment plan is customized according to client and industry needs.


We pride ourselves on our ability to match the right candidates with the right employers. Our recruiting process is supported by an extensive database of pre-screened, top-tier talent where we find the ideal candidate for your company.


As part of our talent assessment, we conduct thorough interviews and take detailed notes with each submittal. Our goal is to ensure that the candidates we present not only meet the job requirements but also fit seamlessly into your company culture.


We work closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences, and offer expert advice on job interview best practices. We also conduct follow-up interviews with candidates to ensure a comprehensive assessment of their fit for the role and the company culture.


We take a hands-on approach during the offer stage of the recruitment process, consulting with employers to aid in the negotiation of all elements of the job offer. Our goal is to ensure that the right candidate is hired and that the job offer is attractive to both parties.

Follow Up

We don’t stop our service after the recruiting process, we continue to follow up with clients and new hires after the start date to ensure a smooth transition and address any concerns. Our commitment to ongoing support sets us apart from other recruiting agencies.

Why Work With Us?

Strategic and Targeted Recruiting Process

We take a strategic and targeted approach to your hiring needs, establishing a recruitment plan, executing on that plan, and allowing you to focus on your company’s goals.

Passive Candidates

Our access to passive candidates combined with our network of vetted talent that we’ve cultivated over 25 years of recruitment and selection positions us perfectly to find the talent to fit any job openings across Greater Seattle and the West Coast.


As leaders in the industry, we listen and then guide our clients through the recruitment process so they can land the exceptional employees they need to reach their business goals.

Industry Knowledge

We specialize in recruiting for the construction, real estate, legal, and accounting industries. Our focus has allowed us to build connections and gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of our industries and markets. The recruitment plan we make for you is informed by our extensive knowledge and experience.

Types of Positions

Our applicant assessment process is designed to find the most qualified candidates for a wide range of roles, from entry-level support positions to top-level executive roles.

Discovering Skilled Talents

NW Recruiting Partners is a top-tier boutique recruiting firm specializing in permanent and contract placement positions for the best employers across the Pacific Northwest and California. Based in Seattle, Washington, we connect exceptional candidates with rewarding job openings.

As a boutique agency, we pride ourselves on our industry expertise and specialized focus on recruitment for top employers on the West Coast. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized services for clients and candidates, and we specialize in the following areas:

Executive Photo | Nw Recruiting Partners


Our seasoned recruiters in Seattle specialize in Executive search positions, connecting our clients with talented leaders in their industry, who can help them meet their business objectives and propel them forward.

Hardhat And Construction Plans For Construction Job Placement Services


Our team specializes in recruiting for all types of construction positions, including Project Managers, Engineers, Operations, Accounting, and Executive roles.

Skyline, Includes Real Estate Recruiting Firms, Seattle Wa

Real Estate

Our real estate recruitment services cover a full range of positions for real estate investment, property management, and development firms, from Property Managers and Analysts to Executive-level candidates.

Scott Graham 5Fnmwej4Taa Unsplash Scaled | Nw Recruiting Partners


Our team specializes in recruiting for law firms and corporate legal teams to secure talent at all levels, from legal support staff to seasoned Attorneys.

Hands Working On Calculator And Laptop, Finance Recruiters Seattle


We provide comprehensive recruiting services for a wide range of accounting positions, from entry-level roles to senior financial management positions.

Admin Office With Young Professionals, Recruiting Firm, Seattle Wa

office & Admin

From mid-level to Executive positions, we can provide top talent for a variety of office administration roles.

Diverse Team Hr Workers Interviewing Candidate Job Offer Attending Employment Recruitment Meeting Office Business People Talking Jobless Woman About Career Opportunity Scaled | Nw Recruiting Partners

Human Resources

Drawing on our expertise in Human Resources, we excel at filling mid to Executive-level HR positions across various industries.

Tools For Job Seekers

sales & marketing

We offer recruiting services for the full spectrum of sales and marketing roles, from Account Managers to VPs.