Seattle Growth Trends

The recent energetic construction activity in Seattle is likely to continue, reports the Seattle Times Seattle Construction Boom relying on a report recently released by the Downtown Seattle Association. There are 66 projects underway from SLU to SODO, of various kinds, but mostly apartments. Despite what some have called a “glut” of rental properties coming online in recent years, the pipeline of projects for residential rental properties is strong. There is even (surprise!) a bit of activity in condominium construction.

Amazon Cancels NY HQ2  In related news, Amazon has announced it will not establish a so-called “HQ2” in Long Island City, just across the East River from Manhattan, after encountering objections from state and local lawmakers in the NYC area. Despite that change in plans, the company has no plans to expand further in Seattle beyond the 2MM sq ft that are currently under construction here.

Amazon Still Growing in Puget Sound  Puget Sound Business Journal reports that Amazon has 10MM sq ft of space already in Seattle, even without the Block 18 tower project that has gone through some starts and stops.

Is a Slow Hiring Process Impacting Your Hiring Outcome?

Avoid falling victim to slow hiring pitfalls.

Face-to-Face Interviews – An Easily Avoidable Pitfall

If you demand that every candidate come in for face-to-face interviews, you may have trouble recruiting the best people. The best candidates typically already have jobs and it’s difficult for them to schedule time to come in for an interview, especially during the workday. Try using Skype or another video calling program for at least the first interview.

Slow Scheduling – An Unnecessary Pitfall

Have you ever found yourself going back and forth with a candidate, trying to find the best time to schedule an interview? Top candidates don’t stay on the market for long, and he or she might find another job while you are still working on an interview schedule. Using online self-scheduling software, so your candidates can pick times that work for everyone can speed up the process and help you land the big fish.

Waiting Too Long to Hire a Candidate – The Most Dangerous Pitfall

It’s becoming commonplace for hiring managers to wait weeks or months to make a decision. If you wait that long, your desired candidate will likely already have a new job.

How do you fix this problem?

First, have the initial round of interviews take place on the same day, so the process isn’t stretched out for weeks. Limit follow-up interviews to one or two, and hold them on the same day.

If you find the right person, give them an offer on the spot!

Lowball Offers – An Insulting Pitfall

You might think it would be a huge win to land top talent with a lowball offer, but more times than not, you’ll lose the candidate. Top candidates will often walk away and likely won’t interview with your company again. Others will try to negotiate the offer, slowing down the hiring process. Be willing to pay people market rate if you want to hire the best employees.

Speed and Data – A Match Made in Hiring Heaven

When you speed up the hiring process and using data-driven selection methods, you can truly find the best people. You might have to pay these people more, but top talent is worth it and they will help your company grow!

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