Property Managers are in short supply right now, and property management recruiters can help with the process of finding the best candidates.

Commercial property management is both a skill and an art. Property managers are part facilities managers in that they need to be able to competently handle the demands of the physical spaces they’re stewarding, everything from monitoring monthly maintenance to establishing procedures for procuring equipment and supplies to supervising tenant improvement projects and other building improvements. They also must be proficient in the human element of the job, such as being attentive to tenant needs and concerns, negotiating terms of leases to the satisfaction of everyone, mitigating concerns, and collecting rents. As well, commercial property managers need to be business-minded as their to-do list contains tasks like market rent analysis, maximizing the profit the building earns, maintaining the building’s budget, developing marketing programs to help ensure low or no vacancies, being mindful of compliance with building codes and laws, and being proficient at financial reporting and forecasting.

It’s a big job, requiring passion, patience, and sometimes, persistence.

By using property management recruitment agencies to help find the perfect fit, not only will you be saving time, you will also be gaining the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is in well-qualified hands.

Why Property Management Recruiters Make a Difference

We do the legwork for you. Property management staffing agencies do more than simply sift through resumes. We assess the specific needs of the property management firms that enlist our services and identify qualified candidates who meet those particular needs. Part of our work as property management recruiters is to cultivate candidates who not only can be trusted with client assets, but can also do their part to ensure a maximum financial return on those assets. This is particularly helpful with out-of-state or international commercial property owners. Property management recruiters are also able to source candidates with the proper accreditation or credentials, including such designations as Certified Property Manager (CPM), Real Property Administrator (RPA), Certified Shopping Center Manager (CSM), or other related credentials in associated and peripheral areas of expertise depending on your needs.

Property Management Recruiters Are Matchmakers: When property management firms reach out to commercial property management recruiters to help them fill a position in their company, they should be aware the matchmaking process is already in progress. Recruiters with years of industry expertise are constantly working behind the scenes to identify candidates of varied qualifications and with diverse skill sets. Along with professional property management credentials, we can help connect property management firms with prospective candidates with skills and experience in areas such as accounting, appraisal, legal matters, marketing, commercial architecture, sales, and more. We’re able to assess the portfolio of properties a firm is working with and match them with candidates who can steward those assets with all the creativity, flexibility, experience, knowledge and trustworthiness that separates a decent commercial property manager from an excellent one. In the same way your clients invest in commercial real estate, your investment in a partnership with our property management recruiters can help build the future of your firm.

Find out more about using a property management recruiter can be part of an overall strategy for the success of your property management firm. Contact our professionals today!