The pandemic has changed the way people around the world work. The sudden lockdowns caused many people to start working from home.

The world has started to recover from the pandemic, but many employees still prefer a remote work setup. A Pew Research survey revealed that 60% of employees want to keep working from home. The remaining 40% want to return to the office. But another survey showed that most employees prefer office jobs and for a good reason.

What Are Office Jobs?

The Collins Dictionary has a straightforward definition of office jobs. These are jobs done or based in an office.

This kind of employment sees the worker in an office environment. Most of the work done by an office worker happens at one’s desk, either via computer or over the phone. Office jobs also entail meetings and collaborations with colleagues.

There are hundreds of office jobs available. These will depend on your education level and skills. Some examples of office jobs are receptionist, secretary, and office clerk. Jobs like customer service representative or software engineer are office based as well. So are accounting and administration jobs.

Benefits of Having an Office Job

Remote work has become lauded far and wide. But there’s a reason why millions still prefer office jobs. An office setup comes with many benefits that one can’t get from working from home. An office is often designed to make work tasks progress in an efficient and effective manner. It also develops a feeling of community and camaraderie. There are other advantages as well.

  • Positive Work-Life Balance

The line between your professional and personal life can blur when you’re working from home. It’s hard to set boundaries when you can see the work you still have to do on your kitchen table. It seems it’s more difficult to leave work behind when it’s inside your home. It’s also harder to focus on the job when your favorite show is on or your toddler is demanding your attention.

One study showed 50% of workers admit working in an office makes it easier to set boundaries. Meanwhile, 37% of employees say they’re more productive in an office environment. A large number of workers say that one’s home should be the space they go to unwind and rest after a day’s work. Working from home can ruin that.

  • Get the Right Tools for the Job

Working an office job means you have the proper tools and resources at your fingertips. Companies today know comfort can go a long way in making an employee work harder. It’s why they invest in ergonomic chairs, high-end laptops, and good facilities. Some businesses even provide free coffee and nibbles in the pantry. They even have administration staff to help with redundant tasks.

That’s not something most work-from-home employees have. Many remote workers use whatever’s available at home. They would need to invest time and money to have a good home office setup.

  • Better Odds at Job Advancement

There’s also the notion that the odds of getting promoted or a raise are higher for people with office jobs. It could be because remote workers have to do more to become looked on in a favorable light by management. This often has nothing to do with the work output or quality. It’s because in-office employees have an easier time communicating with their group leaders. They also have no problems bonding with them.

  • Build a Better Network

Networking is one benefit that anyone with an office job can develop. You will meet colleagues and other professionals face-to-face. This interaction can help you develop meaningful connections with them. This is something that you cannot do if you work from home. A Zoom meeting or a virtual get-together has nothing on the real thing.

The connection you build with colleagues and other workers is more than emotional. You can also learn from the experiences you share with them. They can teach you about their work processes. You can also learn their management styles and understand their perspective.

Providing You with Solutions Through Good Connections

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