How to impress recruiters and employers on LinkedIn

Did you know that about 95% of recruiters, employers, and headhunters are on LinkedIn searching for the right candidate? If you are actively or passively looking for new opportunities, check out this blog and follow these 4 easy steps to get noticed!


Make the right headline

The LinkedIn headline is the most searched part of a candidate’s profile. By default, this is set to the current job title. Make your headline more interesting by including the different industries, fields, or job titles that you are interested in. The headline should be carefully crafted with keywords that will make people want to look at your profile. Use a straight slash to separate the keywords. Check out these samples from real people for inspiration.


Complete your summary or the “About” section

Don’t miss out on this despite how challenging it may be in creating it. The first few sentences should be impactful enough that readers will be convinced to click the “show more” link. Write this section in the first person as the idea is to show a little bit of your personality. End your statement with a call to action to either connect or state the position that you are looking to be hired for.



Cover photo and profile images – Choose wisely!

Your profile image is your first impression for recruiters and future employers. Make it count… Make sure that you have a current and professional image.  Avoid photos that could be considered unprofessional, too casual, or political. Being dressed in business, business casual with a clean background is preferred.


Recommendations and skills endorsements are +++ !!!

This is LinkedIn’s feature where it allows your connection to endorse you for skills that you are an expert of and give recommendations. This is a good tool for recruiters and employers when they filter their prospective candidates. Have at least five or more recommendations from past employers, colleagues, and clients on your profile. The skills endorsements convey your strengths as well. Both of these are really important additions to your profile!

LinkedIn has a “ranking” feature where it tells you the strength of your profile. Once you have these major sections plugged in, you’re good to go. Keep an eye on your LinkedIn as recruiters and employers will send messages to you.  You don’t want to miss the right opportunity.


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