The second half of 2022 is upon us and times have changed as the world is recovering from the long stretch of lockdowns. So what’s in store for different companies until the end of this year? What changes in recruitment should we expect to happen? 

Let’s discuss the Top 3 Trends in recruitment and staffing this year and explore how companies can use them to their advantage.

1.  Automation of Recruitment Process 

Currently, there is a challenge on attrition and scarcity in talent. Candidates are now more adept to using technology to get connected and search for jobs online. To capture talent and speed up the hiring process, companies are expected to upgrade their technology and the applications that they use for hiring. The use of advanced screening tools will aid companies in organizing and automating their process both for the candidates and their HR team. 


2.  Focus on DE&I 

The rise of awareness for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion has increased and offered a wider array of candidates for employers. Most companies in different industries are implementing non-biased workplaces. 




3.  Full-Packed Compensation and Benefits Package 

It is evident that job seekers are on the lookout for more attractive packages. Aside from a competitive salary, health insurance for the candidate and their immediate family is also becoming a must. But the one that tops the list for candidates is a “hybrid” work environment, where employees are given options to work at home and in the office. Many companies will include monetary support to purchase work equipment for their employee’s home office and subsidize internet connectivity. 


Are we on track so far? While many businesses will still face uncertainty this year, these trends will help both the recruitment agencies and the companies to find the right talent.


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