What is Glassdoor?  

Glassdoor.com is a recruiting and online job marketplace that provides valuable insights into how satisfied employees are with their employers, what kind of benefits they offer, and the competitive salary and job market info.

This platform allows jobseekers browse jobs, review feedback from current and former employees, research salaries and other information about specific potential companies. It is a unique platform compared to traditional social media platforms because it focuses on the relationships between companies and their employees who participate and offer reviews. 

Additionally, this online network allow employers to showcase their company, provide valuable information to prospective applicants and even respond directly to reviews left by current or former employees.   

How Candidates Can Use Glassdoor

Glassdoor offers job seekers access to invaluable insights into potential employers’ recruitment practices. Candidates can easily get a more detailed view of what it would be like working for any given organization. This includes details on interviews, onboarding, team dynamics and camaraderie, development potential and other relevant topics. Many companies post information about the types of questions that may be asked during their interview process. This can be helpful for getting an idea of how to prepare and what to expect during an interview.   


Glassdoor can be used to monitor trends in employment opportunities, salary information, and employee reviews. By monitoring these trends, potential employees can gain a more detailed insight into companies and what it would be like working for them. Users can also track changes in the job market over time and research which companies are offering competitive salaries or better benefits.  

Understand the importance of context with company reviews.

It is critical to remember that reviews are someone’s interpretation or experience and may not reflect the truth about a particular employer. Job seekers must look beyond just the ratings and read what people have said in their reviews. This will help them gain a better understanding of the company culture, their management practices, and how they may fit into the organization. By monitoring employee reviews, Glassdoor can provide candidates with an indication of the company’s overall culture and how satisfied employees are with their employers.   


Glassdoor can be an excellent tool for job search because it offers a comprehensive view of the job market. It has listings from a variety of companies and industries, allowing candidates to compare salaries, benefits packages, vacation policies and more. Using Glassdoor in combination with other research can help make sure the right decision is made when selecting a job.   

This research can make more informed decisions about which jobs to pursue and can save job seekers time from applying to roles within companies that are not a good fit for them.  


Companies are able to post job and candidates can apply through Glassdoor. Job seekers can sign up for alerts on a variety of roles both for jobs to apply to and to get good research on crafting a targeted resume for these types of positions. See how companies are describing the skills, experience needed and the duties expected of jobs posted here. P.S. We have jobs on Glassdoor and Indeed. Start HERE with OUR OPEN ROLES.


Glassdoor is a powerful tool for job seekers to research salaries and company reviews, as well as source job openings. It can be a powerful tool for employers to gain insights into their company’s culture and improve recruitment efforts. With the right approach, employers can use Glassdoor to create a positive impression of the organization and attract top talent.