Standing out as an employer and attracting top-tier talent is no easy feat.

With the current labor market being so competitive, it’s essential that businesses communicate their unique strategy to potential candidates. After all, it’s those qualities and key differences that can ultimately draw in the best of the best.   

When companies are looking to fill a position, they must think about what makes them different from their competitors and what will help them stand out for the right job seeker.

A key method to do this is by effectively communicating their strategy to potential candidates, employers are able to demonstrate why this particular role with this specific company is worth applying for. When done well, it showcases not only how skilled the role requires a candidate to be but also how much this opportunity can benefit them beyond just salary or benefits packages.  

“Communicating strategy clearly increases the chances of an organization “winning” by helping people decide where to focus their attention, energy, resources, and capabilities. Unclear communication results in wasted effort from lack of alignment and confusion, which leads to inertia.” – source: Harvard Business Review

How Can Employers Communicate Their Strategy?  

  1. The most successful way for companies to communicate their strategy is by having a clear mission statement on their career page or website. This mission statement should reflect an understanding of what makes your company unique and how people who work there make a difference in terms of creativity and collaboration. Need some mission statement inspiration? HERE.
  2. Outline the organizational culture clearly. Employers should be vocal about the type of environment and culture employees can expect – and how it shapes everything from workflows to daily interactions with one another. Openly discussing values such as diversity & inclusion, team collaboration, sustainability initiatives – all while emphasizing what you have to offer candidates – should also be included in any messaging presented online or during interviews.
  3. Emphasize what opportunities are available to grow and develop within the organization. Candidates want to know that there’s potential to grow and advance their career. So, communicating clearly about the internal development opportunities available is a key factor in attracting the best talent.
  4. Use social media to promote, recognize and provide referral insights into what it’s like working for your organization. This can include managing reviews on Glassdoor, team recognition and events, and providing industry-related content to help showcase the approach and perspective the company holds within it’s industry.  

With this strategy in place, employers can create a powerful message for potential candidates that is sure to draw them in. By communicating how a role at their organization is worth applying for, employers are able to set themselves apart from other businesses and ultimately improve their chances of finding the right candidate for the job.   


By effectively communicating strategy, employers can make sure they’re standing out from the competition and ultimately attract top-tier talent. Focusing on unique qualities that set your organization apart from others and highlighting the growth opportunities available will make your company attractive to the best of the best.