Are you looking for a job in the near future?

It’s never too early to start preparing.  

Having a well-thought-out job search strategy is essential for any job seeker. To ensure you put your best foot forward in the job market, it’s important to create a plan.  A good job search strategy should include effective planning, researching employers and job openings, utilizing networking resources, updating resumes to fit each job opportunity, applying for jobs in a timely manner, preparing for interviews and staying connected to your network. By taking the time to create a comprehensive plan before you begin your job search, you’ll be able to maximize your chances of success.  

Here are four things you can do now to set up for success during your job search in 2023.  


  • Start Networking: Developing and nurturing relationships with people in your industry is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for an upcoming job search. Reaching out to professionals and establishing connections now will give you a larger network to rely on when job opportunities present themselves down the road. You may even find access to resources or valuable advice that will help carry you through the process. 
  • Update Your Resume & Experience: A resume is designed to showcase your accomplishments and skills that make you a qualified candidate for the job. It’s purpose is to get employers interested in learning more about you and what you have to offer so that they want to call you for an interview. 
    • Really take some time now to update your resume and make sure all of your qualifications and experience are documented accurately. A compelling resume doesn’t just include job titles and dates, but also details about accomplishments from each position held and other related achievements that demonstrate aptitude in specific skillsets. Investing in professional resume design services might be helpful if you need assistance crafting your content or helping it look more polished.   
  • Develop New Skills: Keep an eye out for new skills or certifications that could potentially improve your marketability in two or three years’ time as well as any training programs or online courses that could add value to your overall skill set. This could be anything from coding languages, marketing strategies, project management techniques, digital advertising tactics, etc. The task of finding high-quality material tailored towards professional development may feel daunting on top of all your other commitments but taking this initiative now can pay off big-time when it’s time to open applications again next year. 
  • Maintain Your Connections: Lastly, don’t forget about the connections you’ve made throughout the job search process which includes potential employers as well as peers who have recently gone through their own hiring journey; these people can be valuable sources of information when it comes time for yours! Make sure to send an occasional follow-up message thanking them for their support over the past months/years (or arrange for a meetup!) so they remember you when jobs become available later down the line.  


LinkedIn, Coursera and Udemy offer a number of free and paid courses. Often times you can preview 1-2 modules of the course before purchasing the entire module.  


Start taking steps today towards ensuring a successful job hunt come 2023. With simple investments such as networking, training, refining resumes and maintaining existing connections during this period of rest will go a long way come the day of decision-making pitting applicants against each other head-to-head.  

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