The start of the year brings feelings of hope, enthusiasm, and positivity. Most people think it’s the best time for a change. Many employers would agree with this sentiment.

Experts say the US job market is quite robust as far as they’re concerned. Data shows there are 9.5 million job openings. Many managers are also expecting to hire more permanent workers in the first half of the year.

The challenge is finding the right company and the perfect job for you. There will also be dozens of applicants competing for the same job. You need to give yourself an edge and make your application stand out. This is where a recruiter comes in.

A recruiter is someone who matches the right candidate to an open position at a company. They’re also known as headhunters. They can work on their own or be part of an employment agency. They can even partner up with the HR department of a company.

There are many benefits to working with a recruiter. They can help with your job search and interviews. They have access to different companies. Their insider knowledge means you can find out about an opening before it becomes public.

The question now is where to find recruiters who can help you. These are your best options.

Check Out LinkedIn

This platform is a headhunter haven. Many recruiting companies use LinkedIn to find the best talents. A simple search using the right keywords will pay dividends. Type in “recruiter” and hundreds of names will pop up. You can narrow your search by adding your preferred industry or location.

You can find individual recruiters as well as agencies on LinkedIn. Follow their pages and check their posts. Engage with them and build relationships. You can also connect with them. You can ask them outright for help. They might even reach out to you if they like what they saw on your profile.

Leverage Your Connections

Your family and friends can help you find a good recruiter. You’ll find that many of them used a headhunter. They can provide you with referrals. Reach out to your colleagues as well. They might have a direct line to a recruitment agency. Leveraging your connections is a great idea in many ways. It ensures you find a headhunter who specializes in your field.

Look Through Job Boards

Many companies are now leaving job postings to recruiters. They post on job sites and search for candidates on platforms like LinkedIn. It’s quite easy to figure out which posts recruiters uploaded. Most identify themselves with obvious titles like “headhunter” or “staffing agent.” Look for terms like “search professional” or “employment agent.”

Reach Out to Staffing Companies

You can also go straight to the source. Reach out to your local staffing agency and ask them to connect you with a headhunter. This is a good option as some companies focus on a particular area while others have a wider range. You can choose which one suits your needs.

Be straightforward about your needs. Tell them about your priorities, like expected salary and job location. This will ensure that they connect you with Seattle area recruiters. They’ll also make sure they specialize in your field.  These companies also have a robust database. They can track vacant posts. They can contact you if an opportunity fits you. They’re also open to you calling them to ask about new job postings.

Join Job Networking Boards

While you’re hunting for a recruiter, they might be looking for you too. Seattle area recruiters search for candidates on job boards. It’s a good idea to create an account there and post a professional resume. It should be comprehensive. It should also showcase your experience and skills.

You should also sign up on LinkedIn and other professional networking sites. Make sure you update your contact details and job history. Be active and engage other members. Put yourself out there if you want headhunters to notice you.

A Final Word

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