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6 Ways to Maintain Good Mental Health in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is always regarded to be a tough, strong, and no-nonsense work environment. However, according to an article from the American Psychiatric Association, based on a 20-question survey they conducted to 1,175 respondents in March 2021, 93% answered that they recognize addressing mental health concerns is a sound business practice and that [...]

Helping Within Your Means: How to Respectfully Respond to Additional Work Requests

As we go through our regular day-to-day, different ad-hoc tasks arise that result in additional items on our never-ending list of to-do things. While we may mumble to ourselves the phrase “that’s not in my job description”, being thoughtful and respectful in your responses not only relieves you of any ill feelings, it helps [...]

The Value of Stay Interview

In 2021, the average rate of turnover of employees in the United States has reached to 57.3%. At this rate, companies and their leaders are doubling their efforts to understand what could keep their employees happy in the workplace. Several ideas have been practiced in different industries to engage employees and make sure that [...]

How Your Team Can Win at Remote Collaboration

What is your work-from-home situation? Do you feel productive every day? Can you participate effectively during your team meetings? Are you able to have productive, effective remote communication? These questions are getting more common as work landscapes continue to shift to virtual team spaces—which requires virtual team collaboration. Team meetings have been redefined, requiring [...]

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